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Capitulum | The TICA Newsletter

In 2021, members of The International Compositae Alliance (TICA) decided to reboot the Compositae Newsletter (1975-2012) into an indexed journal now called Capitulum! The focus of Capitulum is to share research that is currently happening within Compositae, as well as highlight how cool members of Compositae are!

Submission requests are always open! If you have interesting Compositae research and would like to publish within this fantastic new journal, please visit


"Pawpaw"-pulation Genetics

In Fall 2021, a group of students at the University of Memphis made a GitHub page designed to help beginners start working on population genetic methods. They used a pawpaw dataset (hence "Pawpaw-pulation") to help guide researchers, although these methods can easily be applied to personal datasets. To access this tutorial, please head to the GitHub page.

Creators: Jennifer Mandel (PI), Michael Charles, Heather Clendenin, Erika Moore, Paige Murin, Matthew Pollard, and Avery Tucker

Compositae in a Crate

Compositae in a Crate is a teacher-guided outreach activity aimed at the 4th and 5th school grades. This crate of activities contains four different modules focusing on different aspects of the sunflower family: biodiversity, morphology, society, and genomics. Each module has different learning objectives and can be used independently from each other. A guide and different activities, such as flash cards, puzzles, and 3D models, are provided in each module. The produced crates will be available at different institutions and all materials will be made available online so other interested parties can produce their own crates.

Coming soon!

Center for Biodiversity Research (CBio)

A community of faculty, postdocs, and other staff at the University of Memphis whose research, teaching, and mentoring are in the subject areas of Biodiversity Science and/or Education.

Interested in learning more? Visit our website  at

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