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The Compositae Newsletter is back! Just a little different...

Earlier this year, members of The International Compositae Alliance (TICA) decided to reboot the Compositae Newsletter (example of Issue 44) into an indexed journal now called CAPITULUM! The focus of CAPITULUM is to share research that is currently happening within Compositae, as well as highlight how cool members of Compositae are!

The first issue of CAPITULUM was recently released in July 2021 and is free to read at the TICA website ( In this first volume, you can hear more about composites in the Brazilian flora, what the hype is behind Hyb-Seq, Ynés Mexía, a Mexican-American female botanist who collected more than 140,000 specimens, plus much more!

Submission requests are always open! If you have interesting Compositae research and would like to publish within this fantastic new journal, please visit and click "Submit an article to Capitulum" at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, you can contact any of the editorial board members (myself included) for more information. The CAPITULUM is indexed (i.e., has an ISSN) and both the issue and the individual articles have unique DOIs.

If you wish to get updates about the journal or any TICA events such as TICA Talks (a seminar series devoted to Compositae) or Compositae Journal Club (a casual journal club that reads and discusses Compositae related papers), please subscribe to TICA by clicking "Subscribe to Capitulum and get updates!" at the bottom of the page on Also, you can follow TICA's Twitter page (@TICATalks) to get fast, up-to-date information about events happening within TICA.


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