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🌻  Erika R. Moore-Pollard, Jennifer R. Mandel. Resolving evolutionary relationships in the groundsels: phylogenomics, divergence time estimates, and biogeography of Packera (Asteraceae: Senecioneae). bioRxiv DOI: 10.1101/2023.07.18.549592.

🌻  Erika R. Moore-Pollard, Jennifer R. Mandel. From paralogy to hybridization: Investigating causes of underlying phylogenomic discordance using the complex genus Packera (Senecioneae; Asteraceae). bioRxiv DOI: 10.1101/2023.08.14.553290.


💐  Erika R. Moore-Pollard, Daniel S. Jones, Jennifer R. Mandel. Compositae-ParaLoss-1272: Complementary sunflower specific probe-set reduces issues with paralogs in complex systems. APPS.

🍐  Alan Yocca, Mary Akinyuwa, Nicholas Bailey, Brannan Cliver, Harrison Estes, Abigail Guillemette, Omar Hasannin, Jennifer Hutchison, Wren Jenkins, Ishveen Kaur, Risheek Rahul Khanna, Madelene Loftin, Lauren Lopes, Erika Moore-Pollard, Oluwakemisola Olofintila, Gideon Oluwaseye Oyebode, Jinesh Patel, Parbati Thapa, Martin Waldinger, Jie Zhang, Qiong Zhang, Leslie Goertzen, Sarah Carey, Heidi Hargarten, James Mattheis, Huiting Zhang, Teresa Jones, LoriBeth Boston, Jane Grimwood, Stephen Ficklin, Loren Honaas, Alex Harkess. A chromosome-scale assembly for ‘d’Anjou’ pear. G3.


🌼  Jennifer R. Mandel, Erika R. Moore-Pollard, J. Mauricio Bonifacino. The Reinvention of Compositae: Vicki Funk's legacy in the systematics of the largest plant family on Earth. IJPS (Special Issue)

🌻  Erika R. Moore-Pollard, Jennifer R. Mandel. Packed with Packera Á. Löve & D. Löve: Brief history of the “aureoid Senecio” subgroup in Senecioneae. Capitulum, 2(2):51-58.


🌻  Erika R. Moore, Carolina M. Siniscalchi, Jennifer R. Mandel. (2022). Reevaluating genetic diversity and structure of Helianthus verticillatus (Asteraceae) after the discovery of new populations. Castanea, 86(2):196-213. Cover imageSouthern Appalachian Botanical Society (SABS) Richard and Minnie Windler Award.


🌼  J. Mauricio Bonifacino, Jennifer R. Mandel, Abigail Moore, Erika R. Moore, Benoit Loeuille, Lizzie Roeble. (2021). Capitulum: The Compositae Newsletter reloaded. Taxon, 70(5): 1156-1156. 

🌻  Erika R. Moore. (2021). What in the whorled: The rediscovery of Helianthus verticillatus Small (Heliantheae) over 100 years later. Capitulum, 1(1): 61-64.

🌱  Carolina M. Siniscalchi, Robert D. Edwards, Jorge Gomez, Erika R. Moore, Jennifer R. Mandel. (2021). Photosynthesis metabolism in Asteraceae: current knowledge and future directions. Taxon, 70(2): 339-350.

Note: Prior to 2023 I published as Erika R. Moore.

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